Head lice can be stubborn little creatures. Maybe you already have experienced that they spread very fast in schools. Paranix wants to help you in dealing with head lice infestations so head lice will have no chance to further spread in schools and children can enjoy a head lice free school time.

School program: Prince Paranix and the invasion of the ultra-lice

Paranix has developed a new school program, built around the story of Prince Paranix and the invasion of the ultra-lice to inform teachers, students and their parents about head lice infestations and what to do to prevent them. The program also contains a set of tools that can be used to alert parents during head lice outbreaks.
Check your local Paranix website to find out if this school program is available in your country.

8 facts about head lice

Do head lice prefer clean hair?

Head lice do not discriminate between short or long and clean or dirty hair. However, they are more common in washed hair.

How many claws do head lice have?

Head lice have 6 legs that end in hook-shaped claws which they can use to tightly grasp the hair.

How quickly do head lice reproduce?

Female head lice can lay up to 10 eggs a day. The eggs are usually found near the hair root, close to the scalp. Head lice are difficult to remove. So, the earlier you detect them, the easier you can get rid of them.

Are head lice transparent ?

Head lice are transparent. This makes them difficult to detect in your hair. Once head lice have fed, they turn into a brown-red color.

Do head lice feed on human blood?

Head lice feed from the scalp up to four times a day. Once out of the hair, they won’t survive more than 2 to 3 days.

Can head lice swim?

Head lice can’t swim. However during contact with water, they go into a state of suspended animation but remain firmly locked onto the hair. That’s why we can get them in pools or near the beach.

Does everyone get head lice?

Head lice are a common problem, particularly among children of primary school age. The best way to deal with or avoid a head lice infestation in your family is to know what you are up against and how to treat them effectively.

Can head lice fly?

Head lice can’t fly! However, they spread through direct head-to-head contact between people. That’s why they love schools and children!