About Paranix

Paranix has listed the most frequently asked questions hereunder. If your question is not answered, feel free to contact us.

Can I use Paranix Head Lice Protection every day?

Yes, Paranix Protection Spray is clinically proven to provide safe and effective protection against head lice. The Paranix Protection Shampoo should be used at least every 2 to 3 days during head lice outbreaks.

What is the difference between Paranix and products based on insecticides?

Contrary to insecticide-based products, Paranix’s treatment range does not contain any insecticides and acts in a purely physical manner. Therefore, head lice cannot become resistant to any of its ingredients.

Does Paranix have possible side effects?

Paranix treatment solutions don’t contain chemical ingredients. Possible side effects are limited but may exist:  itching and irritation around the eyes, flaking of the scalp, contact irritation and redness of the scalp, ears or neck. As a general precaution, we advise pregnant women/women breastfeeding to consult a pharmacist or a doctor.

As from which age Paranix can be used?

Paranix Shampoo is suitable for children aged 2 years or older. Paranix Spray and Paranix Sensitive can be used as of 6 months.

What if I find new head lice after the first Paranix treatment?

Paranix treatments are specially developed to get rid of head lice and their eggs.  In the event of a severe infestation, some eggs could still hatch after your first treatment, so you might have nymphs or baby head lice in your hair. There is no need to worry, as these nymphs only become mature after 10 days. Before that time, they feed on blood to live, but are not yet able to reproduce. Treat your hair a second time, and all head lice and eggs will be gone.

Another option is that your hair may have been re-infested. This is probably the case if you find mature head lice of more than 2mm because nymphs are smaller than mature head lice. lf this louse is female, she may have laid eggs again. In that case you need to start treating your hair with Paranix again.

How many treatments are necessary to get rid of head lice?

The number of treatments depend on the type of treatment you choose. With Paranix Spray (or Lotion) one 15 minutes treatment (incl. thorough combing) will be sufficient in most cases to effectively get rid of head lice. We advise you to re-check your treated child for head lice after seven days and repeat the treatment if necessary (should you encounter any living head lice). With Paranix Shampoo, two 10 minutes treatments are recommended. Comb the hair thoroughly to be certain all eggs are removed from the hair. Treating with Paranix Sensitive requires one (overnight) application only. No matter what Paranix treatment you choose, always use sufficient product. This is vital for a successful treatment.

How does Paranix work?

All Paranix treatments provide a double physical action attacking both head lice and their eggs. Paranix Spray (or Lotion) and Paranix Shampoo suffocate and dehydrate head lice and their eggs, whereas Paranix Sensitive attaches onto the respiratory orifices of head lice and eggs to suffocate them and penetrates into the heart of the eggs to stop their development.

Where can I buy Paranix?

Paranix is sold in (para) pharmacies.

How often can I use Paranix?

You can use Paranix as often as you want. Normally, 1 or 2 treatments (depending on the treatment chosen) will suffice to get rid of head lice. However, it is possible that people who have been treated can get head lice again from other untreated individuals. In this event, you can use Paranix again at no risk; it will still be as effective.