Treatments – With Double Action Formula

With Paranix you can now choose how to eliminate 100% of head lice. Paranix offers superior head lice treatment solutions for every need – each of them being 100% effective thanks to their double action formula. The range does not contain any insecticides and acts in a purely physical manner. Therefore, head lice cannot become resistant to any of its ingredients.

With double action formula

All Paranix treatments provide a double physical action attacking both head lice and their eggs. Paranix Spray (or Lotion) and Paranix Shampoo suffocate and dehydrate head lice and their eggs, whereas Paranix Sensitive attaches onto the respiratory orifices of head lice and eggs to suffocate them and penetrates into the heart of the eggs to stop their development.

Paranix Shampoo – As easy as washing hair

  • Dreaming to get rid of head lice without driving you and your child into desperate and stressful moments?
  • With Paranix shampoo, eliminating head lice and eggs becomes as easy as washing hair. Paranix treatment shampoo allows you to treat head in no longer than 10 minutes and washes the hair at the same time.
  • 100% effective.** Repeat the treatment after 7 days.
  • Click here to view the treatment with Paranix Shampoo.

Paranix Spray – 100% effective in 1 go

  • Looking for a radical solution that helps you to get rid of head lice in no time?
  • With Paranix Spray, one 15 minutes treatment is all that is required to kill 100% of head lice and eggs.***
  • Paranix Spray is odourless and sprays on easily, with no mess or fuss. Also available as a lotion.
  • Click here to view the treatment with Paranix spray.

Paranix For Long Hair – Leaves hair soft & beautiful

  • Looking for an effective head lice solution that leaves the hair soft and beautiful?
  • Paranix For Long Hair is a sensitive hair friendly lotion that eliminates 100% of head lice & eggs in 1 application only.*
  • Its non-greasy formulation washes out easily, contains no essential oils, perfume nor alcohol and makes combing the hair easy.
  • Click here to view the treatment with Paranix For Long Hair.

* Ex vivo study, August 2006. / In vivo study. Treatment of human head lice infestations in a single application with a new galenic lotion. International Journal of Cosmetic Science. October 2010.
** Kills 100% of head lice and near to 100% of eggs. Use sufficient product and comb thoroughly to be certain all eggs are removed from the hair. Ex vivo study 2010, data on file.
*** Includes thorough combing. In case of re-infestation or abnormal infestation, treatment needs to be repeated. Ex vivo study 2010/ In vivo clinical study 2008, data on file.